Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting into my groove

Before I start talking about myself, please go send some congrats over to my cautiously optimistic friend Bean. I am beyond excited for her!

Now onto me...we're slowly settling into a routine here. We got most of our feeding issues taken care of last week and she's now happily packing on the pounds. Of course it took a little help from 2 of my local ladies and a bit of intervention from a lactation consultant but since Sunday we have been exclusively breast feeding! And I'm trying to relax a little bit about the whole thing. I had been really tied to what all the books say is a full feeding (15 per side) but she has never once done that. She's not a snacker though so I'm trying not to be too concerned. And she'll give us 4 hours at night which I think is awesome. Mr H goes back to work on Monday so we'll see if I still feel as optimistic when I'm completely on my own!

In exciting news, I am down 23 pounds...only 3 more to go to hit my pre-pregnancy weight! And since I think each boob has to weigh in at least a pound or more, I'm doing pretty good. Even though the weight is gone though, there's still quite the belly. Not sure how to get rid of that though since too many trips up the stairs still leaves me sore. Of course, I then have about 25-30 'eating my emotion' pounds to lose and I doubt those will fall off as quickly. I did just promise Mr H that I wouldn't aim for the full 30--that was me at my skinniest and it was really hard to maintain. I was watching ever single thing I put into my mouth and at the gym 5-6 times a week. At this point, I don't want to be on that restricted a diet (I would only allow myself a glass of wine on the weekends, and by 'a' I do mean 1...what kind of life is that?!?!) and I know it's not realistic to think I'll be able to work out that much anymore.'s my lame thing that I need advice on--and it's pretty lame. And not really advice, maybe just someone telling me that I'm not completely crazy. My sharps container. After we got our positive, Mr H wanted me to bring it into the RE at my first ultrasound. I said no way, that could be jinxing things, that we could go in and there would be nothing. Then he wanted me to bring it into the 2nd ultrasound and again I was too superstitious. I promised that if we made it out of the first trimester I would just drop it off at the RE one weekend morning. But I was never able too...and then I got too pregnant looking to be walking into an RE office on a Saturday morning. So it is still sitting in my kitchen cabinet. Part of me almost likes it there. And when people are over and looking for the corkscrew or bottle opener and I tell them where it is, I like that they see it as a reminder (yes, it was handily next to the bottle opener). But at this point, I know it is time to get rid of it. Even if we decide to get back on this crazy rollercoaster and try for a second, it wouldn't be for at least 2 years or so. But now if I were to bring it back to the RE's, I'd be doing it with a baby in tow--which is just as insensitive as going in with a belly. I wonder if the pediatrician's office could take it or something....or maybe my OB at my check up next month. hmmm....probably should have dropped it off there all along.

My quick little check in is taking so long...coming up next time...out of the mouth's of men!


Jen said...

It sounds like you are doing great!

Any doctor's office ought to be able to take it, right? I vote that you just take it with you to your next appointment and see if they'll take it for you.

Mrs. Shoes said...

A lot of pharmacies will take it. Call your local pharmacy and see if you can bring it in. I still have mine too. I am now hanging on to mine in the event I have to hit the insulin shots. :/

K77 said...

I'm glad the BFing is improving, it's HARD work!

I ended up filling my sharps containers with DP's syringes from her inj medication. Our local council office/library takes the containers for free (it can be very expensive to dispose of them).

I also couldn't bear to take them back to the clinic. Like you, first it was too early, then too pg, and now I'd have a baby with me, and I just couldn't do that.

Jennifer said...

I'm thrilled things are going so good for you guys...4 hrs sleep at night is really wonderful for this point!!!

Drop it off at your next OB appt...they shouldn't have a prob with that!

battynurse said...

Glad the BF is going great.
For the sharps container also hospitals will sometimes take them.

Bean said...

Glad you're getting into the swing. Actually, if you're up for it I was hoping to swing by sometime this week (got a little something sweet for the sweetness). If so, I'd be happy to take your container. I've got 4 (yes FOUR) that I need to take myself. Even if my current situation continues to go well, I'll still have several more visits to SG.

Cece said...

I took my sharps container to my OB - any doc's office will take it. For me - it was great to get rid of it. I waited until I was 6 months pregnant.

: )

Adriane said...

4 hrs at night?! That is awesome! I am so jealous. Excellent on the weight loss, too!! So glad the breastfeeding is going well!

sarah23 said...

I think the pharmacy where I got all my meds and needles (and the sharps container) took it back and got rid of it for me. Actually, I know they took the first one (which I filled), and I can't remember if #2 is still hidden under the sink or whether we took it back too.