Monday, April 7, 2008

just can't think of a good title ;)

A good friend of mine at work just became a stirrup queen and my heart just breaks for her. She just had surgery to remove her fibroids last week. They took out 18, one that was the size of a grapefruit and she's now recovering from what was essentially a c-section. She says she's so glad I'm there, since I have some idea what she'll be going through when she starts up with IUI's in a few months. Of course, part of me wishes I didn't know...but right now, the other bigger part wishes she didn't need me. Just like so many of us, she wants a family more than anything and will be a wonderful mom...and of course today at work I read about a custody hearing in a divorce where neither parent wants the pre-schooler. Poor baby, someday he's going to realize that his parents fought to not have him...and we fight tooth and nail to even try. It just doesn't make sense. Why can't there be some type of quota on infertility so we can spare other people all this crap?

All that anxiety and paranoid is back and big time. Sunday and today I had this tightening or cramping across my whole lower abdomen and my uterus got rock hard. Happened twice Sunday and three times today. After consulting Dr Google, who suggested that it could be Braxton-Hicks but it was too early to feel them yet, I decided to call my doc. I got to speak to a nurse, but not the nurse that I like. She said there was no way it was BH and that I'm probably just dehydrated. She's right on that since I forgot my water bottle but I'm still worried. She did say if it didn't get better in the next 1-2 days to call back and he'd have me come in. So of course now I've got visions of second trimester miscarriages running through my head. So please, tell me I'm being ridiculous and I'll be fine tomorrow once I start chugging the H2O.

Other than that, thanks for all the sweet comments on my spare tire/donut belly. You ladies are SO good for my self-esteem. Tomorrow I'm off to visit the nice old ladies at N.ordstrom for some help with bras. I have no idea what size I'd even be anymore, but I know that these two stretched out pieces of cotton are NOT cutting it anymore. You see (actually you don't want to see), I woke up with numerous stretch marks on my boobs this morning. The girls are obviously begging for some support. Hopefully that will help adding any more patterns to them. Between the blue veins and nasty purple marks, I look like some piece of random, abstract, modern art. Any assvice on bras would also be much appreciated.


Leah said...

It will be fine. No 2nd trimester m/c for you, my friend. I simply won't allow it. (Meanwhile -- HA! As if I have that kind of power over the IF universe. But it sure sounded good and confident, didn't it?)

Dehydration will jack you up and will definitely cause cramps/contractions. Drink, drink, drink. But also be careful because as soon as your bladder gets too full, it presses on your uterus and makes you have another contraction. Good times, no?

If this is all happening, you most likely have an "irritable uterus." Which also means that after each swift kick, you'll get a nice healthy contraction to go along with it. Super fun.

Drink the H2O and rest as much as possible. If necessary, march your ass into the OB and don't let them tell you no. If that's what it takes to make you feel better, than so be it. Screw them.

My advice on bras? Wear one. All the time. Even to bed. It sucks, but you really need that much support. At the beginning, I try to wear jog bras (in a size larger than I normally would), but once my boobs get really out of control, I at least wear a tank top with one of those built in bras to bed every night. Essentially, the "girls" just can't spend any time flopping around or they get all crazy.

Will I see you on Sunday at Lindsay's? Sure hope so!

Jen said...

No, just dehydration. I am sure of it. You will be fine. So will the other one. :)

I'm sorry about your friend. I will keep her in my thoughts.

I recently bought new bras at Target. I love them! They are made of shiny material so they look pretty and are so comfortable. I don't know how long they'll last, since I just got them a couple of months, but they are holding up admirably so far. Best of all, they were only about $15 each. Here's a link. ( At least I think that is it, it's hard to tell from the website.

For sleeping, I wear those tight tank tops. It gives me enough support that stuff doesn't hurt but is more comfortable than an actual bra. I also have some of those bras that are crosses between sports bras and real bras. Kind of sports bra shaped, but made out of better material and not quite as constrictive.

Geohde said...

They probably are BH's- if you feel you uterus go hard. They actually happen all the way through pregnancy, but just become more noticable later on.

The good news is a few BH's do not a second trimester m/c make :).

And stay hydrated,



Ms. Infertile said...

Thinking good thoughts for you - hopefully lots of H2O will do the trick. Rest and take care.
No advice on bras though - I'm at a complete loss for how to even go about buying a maternity one. I've been putting it off myself but won't be able to much longer.

Morrisa said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. No one should ever have to go through this kind of pain, and I agree, it just doesn't seem fair. But she has you for a friend and for support, and what more could she ask for? As for the belly issues, not sure what to tell you there except to drink lots of water and try to take it easy. I'm thinking of you...

Kristen said...

I think you're definitely dehydrated. I've had to up my water intake to 6-8 glasses a day (I wasn't anywhere close to that before) and it has made a big difference in how I feel. Luckily, we have a cooler at work so I hit that like a fiend. Of course, I'm running to the potty every hour or so but I figure it will also keep the nasty UTIs away.

I'm sorry about the stretch marks. My girls have gone up two cup sizes and are now leaking. Yikes! I actually had to get bra pads this past weekend. So funny what our bodies do to prepare for our little ones! XOXO

deanna said...

I'm with Leah on this---IF girls DO control the universe and we absolutely forbid this to be anything other than a plea for water. Drink it up, girlie, and we can all celebrate with more hydration at Lyndsay's.

Let us know how it goes with the bra appointment! I'm going to need to upgrade soon, and have no idea how to start. I bought a bra last weekend that was a cup-size larger, but when I got it home, it felt no more roomy than my current size. Taking that bad boy back to the store.....

Julia said...

The nurse is full of crap. BH can start around 10 weeks, but you won't feel them for a while. I started feeling them around 12 this time, and my doctor confirms that they can see them go on the u/s too.
But like Geohde said, they are not the stuff of second-trimester miscarriages. Though if you are freaked out, it really is uncool of that office to leave you hanging and not bring you in for monitoring just to help you calm down.
Hope the water is tasty. And that it does the trick.

Jen said...

I'm up a bra size at this point, so I feel your pain. And I've definitely gotten in the habit of wearing it all the time including to bed. I'm betting the ladies at Nordstrom's will take good care of you though.

Rebecca said...

The water is big...I'm getting so sick of drinking it, but it does help. Not only will it help the cramping, but if you've been getting headaches, it will help them too. Good luck and chug away!

Anonymous said...
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LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I don't have any good advice, but I DO have recollections of bloggers having similar experiences that went away once they drank lots of water. So that nurse might not be too far off. Try to see the OB or the midwife and convince them to take out their little u/s machine. That will put your mind at ease for sure!!

Glad you had a fantastic time in Vegas. Based on my sister's description of her first feelings of the baby moving, you DID feel Quentin moving!!! I had a similar experience yesterday, though mine followed a typical type of cramp that I have had for months now (growing pain is my assumption) and I hope that it WAS the baby. I also had a full stomach and (TMI) was constipated. Dr. Google said that we may be able to feel the baby at this point so it very well could be.

Your belly does NOT look huge at all. You look GREAT!


Maria said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your co worker. As much as I sometimes wish certain (bad) people could suffer from infertility and spare their children from bad parenting, I would really never wish it on anyone else.

I hope you're feeling better and the cramping had gone away. Just know that we're all out there praying for you!

In and Out of Luck said...

I've had BH regularly since 17 weeks, and being hydrated helps, but they still come - I went to the doctor with them when they first happened, because I thought it was too early, but it was fine.

K77 said...

Re bras, you will want to go for comfort & support over all else.