Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring cleaning

We've been forced into a massive spring cleaning the last few days, mainly due to the fact that I am completely irrational. The first step is admitting a problem, right? Anyway, I found a few little bugs the other day and decided that the whole house needed to be cleaned, top to bottom. It's been exhausting to say the least. Who needs to sleep anyway?

But I'm over that now and my slobbish tendencies will be back in full force within 24 hours I'm sure. Got a chance to work from home this afternoon. And it's a perfect day to be on the back deck with the laptop. My tulips are starting to come up, I just love this time of year.

Thanks to everyone for your reassurances on the whole braxton hicks thing. I agree, I don't think this particular nurse knew what she was talking about. I've had less than 1 a day since Monday and I've remembered my water bottle every day. And the new First I was a bit shocked at just what size the saleswoman brought me, but I got over it once I put them on. So much more comfortable. I will never wear a bra that is 2 sizes too small ever again...poor girls. And thanks for the advice on sleeping bras, I'm a total wuss and stared sleeping in a sports bra at about..oh....6 weeks. I was having enough trouble sleeping, no point in them waking me up too!

I made the mistake of wearing one of those more traditional maternity shirts to work yesterday. You know, the high empire waste that ties in the back. Mostly all of the tops I've bought have been the types that are just straight down with a little more room in the front. I was so self-conscious, I hated leaving my office, even more a minute. I felt like it put a great big neon sign on my belly screaming "Look at me". Everyone wanted to talk to me, comment on it, etc. I just hated it. Mr H gets upset, thinking I'm not excited about the pregnancy but it isn't that. I'm not comfortable being excited about it. I still don't believe it. I'm past the whole conspiracy theory of before and no longer think that my RE just wanted to get rid of me but I have a hard time fessing up to being pregnant. I saw my mom last night (she of course loved the top) and she said that I was starting to look pregnant. I immediately said that it was because of the top....she replied with, "It's because of the belly you idiot" (said with love...I hope). I guess despite the getting more obvious belly and feeling Q move just about every day, I still don't think this is going to work for us. I still need to work on having faith in the process and trusting Q.

Now is napping part of working from home???


Jen said...

Oh, yes, by all means clean! You are not irrational. (Says me who is irrational about cleaning.)

Yes, napping is part of working from home. I'm working from home right now! My dog is napping on the floor right next to me and she is also on duty.

Fertilized said...

Sounds like things are going well for you.

Cleaning must be hormonal or something. I gt on these "must scrub everything" kicks.

So glad the belly is making you look pregnant! Because you are! It's so hard to grasp that concept

Michell said...

According to a friend of mine, yes napping is a part of working from home. Enjoy your afternoon at home. Glad things are mostly going well.

Shelby said...

I can't wait to see the belly in person this weekend!!

And napping is a very important part of working from home. And today was the perfect day to be home! I love this time of year.

Adriane said...

I love irrational cleaning sprees!! It's so nice to have a super clean house for a few days.

I think your reactions to the pregancy tops are very normal. The first time you have to don that empire-waist-tie-in-back shirt makes it so real to everyone else. The comments and oohing/ahhing are intense - that's for sure!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I absolutely could have written the same thing, both the semi-irrational cleaning bit (I've been thinking about washing the bathroom walls) and the pregnancy top thing. It creeps me out a bit (the wearing of any clothes that might let anyone else know that I'm not just getting fat). Sadly, though, no bigger bra for me, even though I wish I needed one. I'm glad you made the switch to better-fitting clothes!!

sara said...

Napping is definitely working from home. Yay for the new top. But I understand what you mean, I think I'm in the phase where I don't really believe I'm pregnant yet either. Even after I saw the sac with something in it on the ultrasound machine and I'm almost 6 weeks, I'm like there's no way I'm pregnant. They must be talking about someone else. I wonder when that goes away. Glad things are moving along, I'm so happy for you!

K77 said...

I am in denial as well at 23wks. I feel extremely self-conscious. I've had people attempt happy pg talk with me and I just react like my old infertile non-pg self.