Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Iced coffee is good


I snuck out of work to head down the street to Gi.ant (local grocery store) to grab some lunch. Turns out they're closed for a labor vote! So instead of a nice healthy salad, I walk 2 storefronts down to the Fourbucks for a delicious iced white mocha and an egg sandwich. The first iced coffee of spring is just SO good!

I know, haven't blogged in forever. Promise to give you all some updates from our Vegas adventure soon. Coming back from vacay is always so much work!


sara said...

Hope you had a great vacation...I love the iced coffee too!

Fertilized said...

YUM iced Coffee. Can't wait to hear about the vacay

Jen said...

Nope, coffee of all types is gross. But I understand that I am in the minority for that.

Shelby said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic vacation! I hear you on not adjusting to time changes- when I went to CA, it took me a week to get back to normal after I got home.

And you look fantastic!!