Thursday, February 21, 2008

So much to say??

Every day I think that I have SOO much to blog about, then I get home, log in, and can't think of a damn thing to write. So this will be a laundry list of sorts.

- First, let me apologize for being a bad commenter lately. I promise I'm still reading and following up on all of you. Lately, I just feel like I can't really comment on the pg lady blogs, since I don't feel like that's me yet, and that no one still in the trenches of treatment cycles wants to hear from me either. Yes, very whiny, I know.

- And I know I've been tagged twice, and I promise to get to that too. I haven't forgotten ;)

- As far as I know, I'm still you know what. I had the pleasure of my first puke last Saturday night. Out at a restaurant of all places, so it wasn't too embarrassing or anything like that. Things are starting to not fit, if it weren't for the Bella band, I wouldn't be able to wear half my pants. I spent a better part of Sunday in tears after trying to find some decent tops to wear that are big and flow-y enough....and not summer! I even got brave enough to venture into the type of store that rhymes with 'paternity'. But I felt like a complete impostor, I rummage through the sale racks for a few minutes and then left in a hurry.

- That's not to say I haven't been freaking out or anything. I actually had a HUGE meltdown last week when I realized that I've had cycles that were than this. And somehow, in my head, I invented a massive conspiracy theory (O.liver S.tone would have been proud) that my dr was tired of all my questions so he used a video for my went on and on. It was not a proud moment, that's for sure. And there are still moments every day when I'm convinced that I'm not you know what any more. In spite of the pants not fitting, small bump forming at night, boobs that have gone up a cup size, etc etc.

- Can we talk about my stomach for a minute? By the end of each day, I actually look like I have a little bump. I'll be 11 weeks on Saturday. Isn't it WAY too early for that? I'm feeling like this is all happening too fast (HA---too fast, we've been at this since June 2005!!!) People have started talking at work, and someone actually asked me today. At this point, I didn't lie. And it has become pretty obvious, since I work with children and adults who are often aggressive and display other behavior problems...and I haven't been jumping in to help the way I used to. That's always a red flag at our school.

Ok, enough for now. I know I still owe you all a stupid comment's post (sneak peak....when I told someone how long we've been trying (about 30 months) she actually said that she's had 2 kids in that time! The whole story is actually even better than it sounds...) I promise to give you all the gory details over the weekend


Fertilize Me said...

I am glad that you are getting a bump! wishing you lots and lots more success

Geohde said...

I get what you mean about the whole p-word not feeling real yet. I'm a few weeks ahead, and I still think someone's going to wake me up and tell me what a funny joke they've been having at my expense.


Debby said...

By 11/12 weeks my little bump was quite obvious as well. It's not a bad thing at all either - enjoy the fact that you actually look pregnant and not just like you've put on some weight. :-) Embrace the bump!

Jen said...

I get the same thing of thinking of things to write all day and then forgetting all about them when I get ready to write.

And I went nearly a month between getting tagged and actually writing about it yesterday. :)

Morrisa said...

He he, your conspiracy theory made me giggle (thanks, I needed that.) I did the same thing. I was convinced that my RE lied to me and told me I had cysts so that I wouldn't insist on doing anothe rinjectable cycle before moving to IVF. Hang in there, I'm sure it will get easier to believe shortly. :)

Jen said...

It's pretty exciting that you already have a little bump! I have a bump but sadly it was there pre-pregnancy.

Adriane said...

It's definitely normal to have a bump this early!! I'm so happy for you!!

Looking forward to your stupid comments post!

Rachel said...

Wishing you all the best of luck. And so still come comment on those of us still waiting for a positive result - you still have a lot of experience to share.

Michell said...

yay for bumps. Do we get belly pic shots. I love other peoples belly shots since if I ever manage to get pregnant I'm fairly certain it will only look like I'm getting fatter.

Jendeis said...

Responding to your comment on my blog in a comment on your blog.

Orange gatorade is the best of all gatorades!! The secret is in the "all-natural" orange flavor.

Red is second place, but acceptable when orange has not been located in at least 3 different stores.

Blue is right out and is not permitted in my home.

Maria said...

I've been having really bad blogger brain as well. It keeps me awake at night with my mind thinking of so many clever things to write about. But when morning comes and I go to blog...nothing. Just emptiness in my brain.