Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kind of a blah day.
Came home from work early hoping to catch up on some sleep to kick this cold. As ridiculous as it sounds given what I'm doing to get pregnant, I actually am very anti-medication. I hardly ever take anything (well, again, aside from all these IF meds). Last night I caved and took some nose spray so I could breathe. Still ended up waking up around 4 all congested. So while the cl.omid side effects are gone, I still can't freaking sleep.

Had a really hard time with my f.ollistim injection last night. It was almost as if the needle was dull, I couldn't get it to pierce the skin and then when I did, it really hurt. As long as it all got in there and works though I'll be ok. I really hope I've still got 4 growing at a decent size when I go in tomorrow. Although I don't know how you ivf ladies do it, my right side already feels uncomfortable, like someone is pinching me on the inside.

Wish I had something more exciting to post about, but everything is just blah here.


Jen said...

I agree with you on being anti-medication. I am congested too, from allergies to Austin when I was there. I find that really steamy showers help a little. And I haven't tried it, but I have heard that there is a Vicks (or something) tablet that you drop in the bottom of the shower and it releases vapors that help you breathe.

Sorry about the bad needle. My husband (diabetes) has one type of needles that he can barely get in. He can actually push as hard as he can and it won't puncture his skin. He ends up having to jab it in. Those hurt!

Baby Steps to Baby Shoes said...

Are you using the pen? I found for some unknown reason that the pen was harder to use than the syringes and hurt a bit more.

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

That follistom injection sounded terrible. That alone would make anyone anti-medication if they weren't already! :-)

I am sorry you are so sick. Sleep is definitely worth an OTC drug. And try one of those vicks plug ins that release vapors into your bedroom. I think they are made for little ones but I found them to be really helpful a few years ago.

Good luck with the follicles and please keep us posted!!


Fertilize Me said...

hope you feel better! Saying good things to those follies for tomorrows scan

Diana said...

I do agree some of the needles are duller than others, there were some days where it really hurt!

Sorry you are sick now, I hope you get a good nights sleep soon!

Shelby said...

Sorry you're feeling pretty crappy! Hopefully the cold will break soon.

And sorry the needles are hurting. Hopefully this is the last cycle you'll have to do it for a long time!

Meg said...

Follies grow! Keep us posted. Hope you feel better.

KE II said...

Thinking of you for the u/s tomorrow, hope they've continued growing well :)
Hope you get a good night sleep tonight, you poor thing.

Michell said...

Are your follistim IM (muscular) injections or sub-Q? Dull needles suck. Also if you are doing sub-Q you can move around to different spots a bit better. Good luck.