Thursday, December 20, 2007

morning wanding *update at bottom

Thanks for the get healthy vibes. I slept most of yesterday afternoon. And while I still don't feel better, I'm telling myself that I would feel even worse if I hadn't rested yesterday. Trying to drink lots and lots of water to flush all those germs out.

Ultrasound this morning showed a 17 and 2 15's on the right, and a 14 on the left, lining was 8.9. There were a few smaller ones on both side in the 12-13 range. The tech said it looked like I'd trigger at least 3. Depending on the results of my blood work I'm either going to trigger tonight with the IUI on Saturday or go in for another ultrasound tomorrow morning and trigger tomorrow night with the IUI on Sunday.

I, of course, have no preference. I'd like to make sure those 15's get big enough to have a mature egg in there. And it'll be nice that it's over the weekend so I won't have to take a day off of work, I'm out of leave right now. It does mean that we'll need to drive to the main office in Rockville instead of going to the one near us. Which means Mr H will have to do his business there, instead of at home. I'd actually prefer it that way, I worry that we mess it up somehow driving it in. Also means that we'll be stuck there for the hour and a half in between the wash and IUI. If it wasn't the weekend before Christmas I'd run to the mall or something but there's no way I'm going to deal with all that traffic. I'll bring my ipod and a book and try to relax.

Speaking of the holidays, we are determined to decorate our tree tonight! The decorations are still over at my parents house and I just haven't felt like stopping by there all week. My mom has been giving me a hard time about money lately, she thinks I spent too much on Mr H's present even though she has NO idea what our finances are and that this present, while slightly above the limit Mr H and I discussed (notice I did not say my mom and I), it is well within our budget. I've just had too short of a fuse lately to talk to her. But today, with the thought that we might get 3 follies, I think I can handle it.

And then I still have just a few presents left to buy. Need to get something for my secret santa (actually my frosty friend), my mom (who obviously has not been on the 'good' list lately), and some stocking stuff for Mr H. I'm thinking of just picking up some scratch off tickets for my frosty friend....would you all want that? Otherwise, what can you really get someone for 5-10 bucks?!?!

My nurse just called. We're triggering tonight with the IUI on Saturday. I feel a little bad for Mr H. My cold is still so bad. It'll be like that episode of Friends where Monica refuses to admit she's sick and comes out rubbing ontiment all over herself, coughing and sneezing while asking Chandler, "don't you want me right now??" Yup, that'll be our house tonight ;)


jennifercarol said...

Sounds like the follie check went well. Good luck with the IUI this weekend!

Jen said...

For my last $10 secret Santa I got one of those little Christmas flowers that you can grow inside. It was ten dollars at Target and was a big hit. My sister has been doing secret Santa at her office and she got a lot of chips and candy. She liked that. She bought a case of diet coke and candy bars for her secret Santa. (Sounds like that office likes junk food.)

My husband and I always spend more than we are supposed to on each other at Christmas.

Good luck on your trigger!

Morrisa said...

Sounds like great results! I may be going to Rockville this weekend too, but probably just for an u/s and b/w.

Fertilize Me said...

follie check sounds fantastic! Good luck good luck good luck!! I think a scratch off sounds like a good gift also - i would do that

your mom sounds like my dad right now - all up in my money business! grrrrr back away .. slowly!!

Maria said...

YAY, good follie u/s! I love how parents always try to interfere with money!

scratch tickets sound fun!

Karen said...

Good luck with the IUI this weekend. FYI, the Rockville office is really close to a Krispy Kreme (just a little further up on S.G. Road), so you could always head over there for some sugar! :)

Fertilize Me said...

SEXY!!! Happy Trigger Night

Busted said...

Good luck on Saturday!

P.S. - I LOVE that "Friends" - one of DH's favorites too.

Heather said...

ah - that's real life - coughing and sneezing and making love. :)

Michell said...

Glad the follie check went well. Good luck with IUI on Saturday and in dealing with mom. The scratch tickets for the secret santa gift sound like fun. Have a good weekend.

Rebecca said...

Your reference to friends is great! Good luck tomorrow and I hope all goes well for you. Fingers crossed!

PS - I just brought in donuts and a ton of lottery tickets for my team and the lottery tickets went over bigger than the donuts - I was shocked. I think it's a good idea! Wine is too if she's into that sort of thing!

Delenn said...

Coming for Blogger Bingo. I know this is a pretty old post, but I liked reading about how well things went and the triggering. I also find it stressful on the budget during the holidays and hate that you had the added stress with your mother--nothing like finances to drive people batty already. I usually do an excel spreadsheet to help me budget. But, hey--Mr. H deserved whatever he got, I bet! And I hope you got many things you wanted too!