Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm homing taking a sick day today. Am I really sick enough to be skipping work? I'm not sure. There's strep throat and some nasty colds going around the school right now and I was all sniffly and post-nasaly yesterday (lovely image right) and woke up this morning feeling like crap. So I decided to go back to sleep. Even if I'm not technically sick, a day of rest is certainly going to go a long way in making me feel better faster. Problem was, I really wanted to save up my leave. We get hardly any. Starting each July, we get 11 days, plus anything that we carried over from last year. 11 days doesn't get you to far when you're doing IF treatments so I think I only carried over 1. So that means of my maternity leave, I will have 11 paid days, out of 12 weeks. Yikes.

Thank you all for the support on my last post. I ended up having a pretty ok day. Since we were getting new carpets installed and I wanted to be out of the house and my mom is still in need of pretty constant distractions, she decided to take me to buy the stroller we wanted. We hiked up to this place others had recommended, Beginnings. Fantastic baby much better and nicer than any of the others. It ended up being a really fun day. We got the stroller and even though we weren't registered there, I was able to show my mom everything that we did register for.

While we are on the topic of registering, can we discuss diaper bags? And why on earth so many of them are in the hundred dollar range (or more)? I just can not justify spending 150 on a bag that it literally going to be a shit carrier. I will be putting poopy clothes, diapers, etc in it. Now I like bags as much as the next girl but is it to much to ask for a basic diaper bag around 50 bucks that is fashionable and can be washed? I don't want to carry W.innie the P.ooh around or anything, but I also don't want something that is dry clean only. I guess I don't understand the designer moms or that kind of thing.

Things are moving along here. We got our new carpet installed last weekend. When the guy came to measure, he said we still had the original carpet from 1978 and even then, it was builder grade, not upgraded at all. You would not believe what a difference it makes. We went with the cheapest, figuring that alone would be a fantastic improvement (and it is) and I'm really hoping that the market will turn just enough that we'll be able to sell and still afford a single family home in the next 2 years. Listening to my neighbors pee on either side of me is getting a little old.

Crib and dresser get delivered tomorrow. Part of me can't wait and the other is in complete disbelief. I honestly never thought we'd make it this far. I walk into 'that' room now each day and even though the only thing in there is an ironing board, I still cry. I am finally starting to think that there will be a baby here at some point soon. In fact, right now, I can't think past September. I really want to treasure every second that is left, since I rushed through the beginning with so much fear and detachment. I'm trying to be realistic and recognize that, most likely, I will not get this experience again. I don't know if we will have the finances to do it or if I want to get back on the rollercoaster again. So the next 7 weeks are it.

7 weeks...crazy


Heather said...

Better to stay home and rest before you do catch something horrible.

I love love love diaper bags, I love bags in general. But I have never been able to pay much for them, I just can't do it. I tried to be practical when registering for my baby bag and I did a back pack kind. One that BigP will be willing to walk around with too. I like it, but it is more practical - for the reasons you mentioned.

Jennifer said...

Wait until you have that nursery set up - you'll be in AWE! I am every time I see mine, really.

Hope you feel better soon - get some rest.

Back pack diaper bags seems to be more functional - but it all depends on your personal taste. I didn't get a back pack one (it's messenger bag style), but I may end up getting one for my husband to use.

Bean said...

One other bit of advice. Stock up on zip lock baggies -- the good kind with the actually zipper. They are awesome for keeping wet stuff in or wet stuff out.

As for the type of bag you get, much like a purse it depends on your own personal preferences. I prefer tote styles (with looooong straps)because I like to be able to reach in easily without having to undo a buckle or flip open a flap. But that's just me. I know my SIL loved her backpack style bag and I did have one messanger style that wasn't too hard to get into.

Shelby said...

Rest is so important, especially when you're not feeling 100%. Good for you for taking care of yourself!

We love Great Beginnings!! It's like 10 minutes from my house (and right across the street from where my hubby works). So if you ever want to go back, let me know and we can meet for lunch!

Maria said...

Wow, 7 weeks is crazy. Where has the time gone?

You have definitely been getting a lot done lately.

I totally know what you mean about hearing your neighbors pee. I hate it especially when it's not pee, but the drunk upstairs puking. Not fun!

Jen said...

Seven weeks, really? I cannot believe it!

I thought the same thing about diaper bags. I decided not to get one at first, since I already have plenty of bags. If I end up not liking those, I'll buy an actual diaper bag.

Fertilized said...

Try that website - they have bags for discounted prices! I love the skiphop bags

Staying home is never a bad idea when there are lots of sick people running around.

I wish we had that store near us

Jendeis said...

Yikes - 7 weeks left! You're the first person that I've known through a whole pregnancy (aside from my mom, which doesn't count cuz I was little). It's so amazing how time flies.

I'm sure the house must look beautiful now and you and Sweetness will make it look great.

Let me know if there's anything I can do, bring over soup, etc.

Rebecca said...

You'll be staring at that room a lot...Pottery Barn Kids has a really cute diaper bag for around $70. You can get it personalized with your initial if you want and it's a great chocolate brown color...I agree...the pricing is ridiculous! The great thing is the organization sometimes. What do I know? I haven't even had my babies yet! I think I'm going to get a backpack too though b/c I can't see carrying two infant carriers and a bag over my shoulder...impossible! Good luck with your weeks!

battynurse said...

Good for you taking a sick day. Although that is sucky that you only get that much for maternity leave. New carpet sounds great and glad the nursery is almost ready. And wow, 7 weeks left. You are getting so close.

Julia said...

Good move staying home. Though your leave situation is well and truly aggravating. I am sorry.

Have fun with that nursery furniture.

seussgirl said...

I registered for this bag:
Columbia Messenger style bag in black, and I LOVE it! Even my husband carries it, and my dad has carried it. And it's only $45!
(And I have twins, so it holds A LOT of stuff!)
7 weeks - Yey!

sarah23 said...

Argh, I hear you on the sick leave issue. I just started my job July 1, so I have basically ZERO accumulated.
But...a couple of thoughts:

1) can't you use your vacation time, too? That would also be paid.

2) do you have disability coverage? I am SO thankful to the woman who told me to get the most expensive level with the 7 day waiting period. SUPPOSEDLY this means that I will be able to start collecting after 7 days of maternity leave. I don't know the details, though. I'm a little afraid to find out for sure.

I'd love to see nursery pics when everything gets set up!

Meg said...

Hope you are feeling better.

My pale yellow nursery is in my peripheral vision when I blog, as I read you last paragraph I cannot help but cry as well.

You will have a yummy little one in there in no time and you will be an amazing mama.