Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good thoughts for a friend

A good friend I work with (see the beginning of her story here) is having her HSG tomorrow and is understandably nervous. If you've got any good thoughts to send her way, please do. She is so like me. She wanted me to go through the entire process and how each step felt. Of course it's different for everyone but I so much appreciated the people who told me that yes, there are parts that do hurt...forget 'uncomfortable'. I'm hoping she gets the all clear so she can start IUI's next cycle.

As for me, after my night of horrible BH a few weeks ago I have been the queen of hydration (seriously thinking of making myself a crown) and have been using a heating pad on the old ute nightly. It has made such a difference. Between that and my super fancy lumbar thingy for the car, I pretty much only get them if I have a full bladder, full stomach, or get a swift kick/punch. Of course those things all do still happen pretty darn frequently but if I can stave them off a night, I'm a much happier camper during the day. As for the car lumbar thing, I left it in my mom's car over the weekend and Monday just happened to be one of those commutes from hell. I take 2 pretty major highways for this area to work and both had accidents on them. Over an hour drive resulted in so many BH that I lost count. They stopped as soon as I got to work and was able to sit for a few minutes. You bet I stopped at my mom's after work to pick up my pillow thing. I thought it was over priced but now I realize it was worth every penny. I don't care that they can't explain why I get them so much in the car, as long as I can stop it!

Off to veg in front of the tv for a bit, hope all is well in blogland


Geohde said...

Wishing your friend the best of luck,


Morrisa said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing better and I am wishing your friend lots of luck!

Jen said...

I am sending your friend many good thoughts!

I think you should make yourself a crown.

Adriane said...

Ugh, I bet the car rides are tough without the pillow!! Pesky uterus! Glad you are keeping hydrated, I hear it does make a difference with BH.

Michell said...

Hoping it goes well for your friend. And yes, you should totally make yourself a crown.

Maria said...

I hope your friends HSG went well yesterday!!

At least you now know that the pillow really does work!!

I'm glad your BH contractions are getting better during the night.

sara said...

Wishing a smooth HSG for your friend and many more BH free car rides and days ahead of you. That's got to be miserable, and to know you're stuck in the car doesn't sound fun. I think you do deserve a crown - we will make one for you!