Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Google loves me...and other things

Back in November I wrote a post about my "happiness hangover" and boy is it getting crazy of hits today! The number of people asking poor google about hangover meds, what to do for a hangover, etc is insane! Is it possible that this is their first hangover?!? So now when they search, this will come up also and I will say without hesitation...RED GATORADE!! The absolute best thing to drink after being overserved!.

I have to say, the only hangover search query that bothered me was this one: pregnancy hung over. Not gonna lie, that one stung, a lot.

I'm in a much better state of mind then when I wrote my last post. Yes, not knowing what this year will bring is scary, but no more scary than what last year brought. So I've just got to pick myself up and keep on going.

I've been inspired to share some more pics so here goes:

This is the present that is constantly under my tree. If you look closely on his right, there is a Santa ornament that he has lovingly claimed as his own. No matter where I put it on the tree, he some knocks it down and drags it back to his little hideout.

Here's our dinner. Filets topped with lobster. Yum!!! It turned out so much better than I thought it would. It was made extra delicious by the small glass of wine I allowed myself. I've been really good this 2ww and since there's no real reason so I allowed myself to indulge. And wine is just SO good.

And lastly, dessert! I made way too much chocolate so I got a little crazy and just started dipping pretty much anything in there. The turd like things on the bottom right are almond cluster. They were the surprise hit of the night.

So welcome 08, I'm ready for whatever you bring!


Jen said...

I just had dinner and your food pictures are making me hungry all over again! Your cat is so cute under the tree! My cat likes to sit under the tree too. Two years ago, my dog kept delicately removing one ornament from my mother-in-law's tree and playing with it. It was only that specific ornament. (And my mother-in-law wouldn't put it where the dog couldn't reach it because it didn't go there.) The dog eventually chewed up the ornament and we had to throw it away. My dog has never touched another Christmas tree ever.

Debby said...

Ew....that pregnancy hangover search disgusts me. How funny all the other poor folks out there searching desperately for a cure though. Mine was always plenty of water, advil and dry toast.

On another note, How do you find out what people are searching that find your blog? I'd be curious to do the same for mine.

sarah23 said...

Happy New Year! What a fantastic looking meal! I'm just catching up on your blog; it sounds like you are having some really promising symptoms. I can't wait to see what your beta shows. Are you going to test at all beforehand?? GOOD LUCK!

SaraS-P said...

Anything dipped in chocolate is yummy. I am certain of it.

I am hoping the "pregnancy hang over" search has to do with hangover-like symptoms and not an actual hangover. Grrrrr...

Yoka said...

Your dinner sounds super yummy and makes me hungry. I am looking forward to meeting you on Sunday with the D.C. Stirrup Queens.

JJ said...

Yummm...love the food pictures!
Happy 2008 my friend! I hope it is a great year for you!

Fertilize Me said...

waht a cute kitty! I am a fan of furbabies!! That dinner looks divine!

Pregnancy hang over?? Really?

Maria said...

So cute. Love how your cat keeps claiming the same ornament. So hungry looking at your food pics.

Frenchie said...

Your kitty is adorable...and the food pictures are making me hungry.

Hope 2008 is your year!!

Happy New Year!

Michell said...

I always thought purple gatorade worked for a hangover too. Love the pic of the cat under the tree with the ornament he has claimed. Mine do the same thing every year. Except my goofy Luna loves to chew on the light cords. I have visions of the stupid cat from National Lampoon Christmas. Dinner looks good and so does dessert. Happy 2008 and many good things to you.