Sunday, January 20, 2008

ms. negative

**I am prefacing this but warning you all that this is going to be a very whiny and negative post...and I'm not really apologizing for it**

Before I tell you all about how my weekend went down, let me give you a little background on Mr H's brother and his wife. They just had their 2nd little girl a few months ago and are one of the most neurotic parents I have ever met in my entire life. You know the people...who act like no one else has ever raised a child before and make the biggest deal about everything and are crazy over-protective (my niece had to wear little knee pads when crawling...they didn't want to her scratch herself). Ok, so that is them. Now for the last few 5 weeks they have been trying to schedule the new baby's baby naming. Everyone gave the weekends they were available, yada, yada. Should be fairly easy, right? Now we were always planning on going up for this long weekend, driving up on Saturday so we could get a good night's sleep before not sleeping for days (my mother in laws house is the subject of a whole other post) but they told us a few weeks ago that this wouldn't be the weekend of the ceremony because none of the great grandparents could make it in.

On Tuesday, Mr H gets a call from his bro that the ceremony is on for this weekend, they don't care about the great-grandparents and just want to be done planning it. We need to be there at 8:45 Sat morning. So much for sleeping in. I arrange to be able to leave work a little early so we don't sit on the Jersey turnpike for too long and off we go.

As we get close, we give them a call. Usually when we drive in we'll pick up pizza and bring it to their house for dinner. Turns out my oldest niece is sick, so no dinner. After talking to them some more later, she has been sick for 3 weeks and her pediatrician said that I should in no way be around her, since they aren't sure exactly what this bug is. Fan-fucking-tastic. So we just drove 5 hours, re-arranged our schedules, and now I can't even see them. And they knew about this before planning the ceremony for this weekend.

So we don't sleep that night, get to temple right on time (no easy feat for someone who started experiencing morning sickness late last week) and are they there? No, of course not. Everyone is ready for them. The oldest is horribly sick and they can't get her out of the house, but refuse to leave her at home with someone, since they want her there for the ceremony. They finally show up, 35 minutes late, with the sickest looking child I have ever seen in my entire life. My heart just broke for her.

So we sit through the 3 hour service. I of course have to get up several times. Neither my bladder nor my stomach can go 3 hours right now. Head back to my sis-in-laws parents house for a little party. I am trying my best to steer clear of the sick niece with still getting some quality baby time with the new baby. We're there for about 3 hours and want to know the best part....there is no freaking food. A few things of biscotti and some cookies, that el-sicko decides to put her hands all over. I felt like I had the shakes by the time I was leaving, my little bag of snacks was only meant to get me through the service. Of course, we got in trouble for leaving early, but I really needed to eat (and yes, his brother and sis in law know about the IF and the pregnancy, so should have been slightly more understanding)

So another crappy nights sleep and we decided to head home today, instead of tomorrow. What's the point of being there if I can't even be in their house? Of course, no one understands why we're leaving early.

And for my last whiny note, while driving back home I got hit with a nasty cold. So that is pretty sucky.

I'm anxiously awaiting Tuesday's ultrasound. I go back and forth between feeling somewhat OK about it all, since I've got all-day sickness most of the time and being convinced that it is all phantom pains and all I'm going to see on Tuesday is an empty uterus--just like ever other ultrasound ever (I'm one of those people that never likes to see the screen during appointments, since it just looks empty). And then of course I get even madder at IF, since it took what should be a wonderfully exciting time for us and made me worry about every little thing.

I think I'm going to go to bed soon and sleep this all off. Thank goodness I have tomorrow off, I would not have been able to get up and go to work tomorrow.

(if you listened to my rantings for this long....thanks)


KE II said...

Oh Meghan, you poor thing, you did well for sticking around as long as you did. Some people just really don't think about others, which always astounds me. At least you made the effort, enjoy your rest, sleep makes everything better :)

Leah said...

Wow, that is some kind of inconsiderate nonsense going on with your BIL and SIL. I laughed out loud about making the little one wear knee pads. Seriously? Sheesh.

I'm just stunned that they arranged to hold peope captive for 6 hours (3 for the service, 3 for the party) and offered basically nothing to eat. That's surprising. I'm glad that you took care of yourself and did what you had to do in order to ensure you didn't pass out or throw up in an inappropriate place. :-)

I'm excited for the outcome of Tuesday's scan. I completely understand your fear and anxiety heading into it, so I am going to be wildly optimistic for you!!

Fertilize Me said...

That is some kind of awful! THat is reallyjust inconsiderate.

Hoping and expecting good things from your next u/s

Jen said...

I don't think you are being negative at all. You are clearly entitled to this post. That is absolutely ridiculous.

Yea for morning sickness! (It's rare that I congratulate people of constant sickness, but here it's good.)

I think the knee pads is one of the funniest stories I have ever heard.

Rebecca said...

What a weekend! I have never heard of putting knee pads on a crawling baby...what was she crawling on? Glass?

Have a good time seeing your insides tomorrow...I'm sure it will be fine!

Maria said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. It was pretty insensitive of them. Sometimes with family you just can't win.

It is so frustrating that what should be a happy time is a scary time. As thrilled as I'll be to finally be pregnant. I know I'll also be scared out of my mind.

I'm praying for you for Tuesday. Just one more sleep!

Michell said...

Wow, they sound very inconsiderate. What a mess. I doubt I would have stayed as long as you did. Hope the cold makes a quick exit and the morning sickness lets up enough that you feel better but still know all is good because your still sick.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Ugh. Ugh and UGH! Hope you're getting some rest after such a stressful weekend...

SaraS-P said...

Ugh...pregnant women must eat! And please don't give them colds! They can't take the good stuff!

Sorry for all of the yuck.

I wish you the best for the ultrasound!

Frenchie said...

Ugh, family can be so weird. I'm sorry.

Good luck at the ultrasound. I just know everything is going to be fine for you.

Brandy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I just literally stumbled upon your blog and wanted to tell you that I love it, your style of writing is fantastic!! I'm looking forward to following you on your now 'p-word' journey :o} My husband and I are hoping to rock our first IUI this weekend, pending my follicles cooperate that is!


sarah23 said...

Ahhh, that sounds really challenging. You are a trooper to get through all of that. I am thinking good thoughts about your ultrasound tomorrow!!

Morrisa said...

Ugh! Sounds like an annoying weekend, glad you're home. Sorry about the cold! Feel better!

Ms Heathen said...

Sorry you had such a crappy weekend, but glad to hear that you put your own needs first and got the hell out of there!

Good luck with the ultrasound today/tomorrow (I'm not sure which because of the time difference) - I'll be thinking of you.