Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did you know...

that for some people it doesn't cost anything to have a baby??

Someone we used to work with came by for a visit this morning sporting a big old pregnant belly. She sits down in my office to chat and catch up. Of course she asks the dreaded question, "So when are you going to get one of these?" and points to her stomach. I reply with my non-answer, "I'm still working those extra consult hours, trying to make some more money". All of us recognize that I did not answer the question and would probably stop there. But no, she says "it doesn't cost anything to make'em...that's the fun part!" Really....fun....I stopped having fun a LOOONNNGGGG time ago. And doesn't cost anything??? I don't even know what to say to that. I'm lucky enough to have some insurance coverage and I'm over a thousand dollars before even starting a treatment cycle. (I completely recognize that 1000 is pocket change compared to what some of you have spent but I'm just fired up)

I suppose this is one of the arguments for telling people....I could have done some education there but instead I didn't say anything and luckily my walkie went off calling me into a classroom.

sorry for the vent...I think I've got a short fuse this morning or something, everyone is pissing me off and she just sent me over the edge.


Erin said...

Totally understandable. How do people not get in this day and age that getting pregnant isn't so easy for a lot of people. It's pretty shocking.

I will tell you that it's a slippery slope. Once you tell, it's hard to stop telling. It can be cathartic, though.

Good luck with your cycle!

SaraS-P said...


Someone should tell my clinic and my HMO that this isn't supposed to cost anything!

infertility just sucks said...

"Free babies?" What are those? I am not familiar with the term. ;)

We're keeping it under wraps for now. I have a hard time managing myself, much less other people where this is concerned. Keeping it simple and small keeps me sane.

Fertilize Me said...

Good thing you didn't take my advice and slap her acrossed the room

LJ said...


Baby Steps to Baby Shoes said...

Only tell those that you absolutely know will be supportive (I learned this the hard way). And be prepared to give them an appropriate way to deal with it- the Resolve letter to family and friends can be helpful. And perhaps, don't go into exact details on treatments and when you are doing what unless you are ok with having to tell that person that a cycle failed.

Coming out of the IF closet is really hard.

katd said...

Oh, that would've been so hard for me to deal with. It's so hard to know what to say when you're in the moment like that.
And I forgot, too, that it's FUN making a baby. That makes me crazy.
Good luck!