Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend ramblings

It's been a busy weekend!! Started out with a wedding for a co-worker Friday night. Not to be too judgemental but if an invite says Black Tie means no jeans. I'd say it means a suit at a minimum but that's just me. I had a good time only thing that it was just outside G.ettysburg PA....and I had to drive back to Fairfax. And I went as the date of another co-worker. It was the first wedding I can remember that I didn't go to with Mr H.

Saturday I slept most of the afternoon, caught up on some TiVo. We met some friends for dinner and then went to see K.ingdom. WOW! It was intense. Much better than I thought it was going to be...gets you thinking.

Today we spent some quality time in Lowes getting ready to redo our kitchen and then headed off to the outlets. About $300 dollars and I have clothes that fit!! Is it bad that I'm secretly hoping it was all spent in vain and we'll bet pregnant on this IUI??

On that front I'm starting to have some PMS symptoms, mainly sore boobs. Since I didn't temp or use my CBEFM I'm not sure exactly when I O'd. Hopefully my period will start (HA! Haven't hoped for that in a few years!!) by next weekend and we can start!!!


Fertilize Me said...

All in All, sounds like a fun weekend. I too hope it was in vain and that you can start your IUI next week!

infertility just sucks said...

Every time I buy clothes these days I think the same thing! And then I go through phases where I buy far more pants than I need, secretly hoping that I'll be returning them two weeks later. And then I keep them anyway.

I must say, infertility has given me *quite* the fabulous wardrobe. Ha!

LJ said...

I heard that The Kingdom is very good, I'll have to go see it.

I think the same thing about clothes. I'm seriously out of fitting pants except jeans and sweats. Maybe I should buy some nice stuff to ensure the IVF works!