Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Isn't this a little redundant?

My gyno's office just called confirming my annual appointment for tomorrow that I had completely forgotten about. At first I was upset, how on earth did I forget about a dr's appt?? But then I realized I forgot because it is completely ridiculous appointment. How many different medical professionals have had the pleasure of sneaking a peek in the last 8 months? How many ultrasounds? How many pictures? Do I really need a freaking pap?? I was all set to cancel it but I remembered that the RE does need the results. What a pain in the ass. I'm fine taking time off for all my RE appts, those are important. But this is just stupid...although at least I won't be nervous/shy/or embarrassed any more. I'm long since over that!

Plus I'm still pissed at how she handled our referral to the RE. On the surface she seemed supportive. She told me how she needed Clomid for all of her pregnancies and she could just put me right on that. I wanted some testing first and that is when she became very dismissive. I showed her charts and she did the classic, you need to start having sex earlier...really....when I don't ovulate until CD 22-28?? Now my husband would have loved that but I liked the little break from the baby making. And she drew blood for my 7 dpo progesterone test on CD 21, just like the good books tell them to, when I was showing her that I hadn't O'd yet. So needless to say when we met for our results, she told me I didn't ovulate and my husbands morph was so low we'd be straight to IVF...and that wasn't looking good.

So that rocked us and then we were shocked when the RE contradicted everything she said. So I'm not really looking forward to seeing her. I know she'll ask how things are going and I'm really going to have to try hard to be polite and not snap at her....or maybe I'll just tell her that she needs to brush up on her fertility info before she talks to people.



Diana said...

WOW, she's a peach. Have you considered finding a new doctor? You'll need one when the RE gets you pg and I would think it might be hard to go back to her.

SaraS-P said...

Many regular OBs and gynos have difficulty with gals who ovulate late. When I was still pregnant, my regular OB couldn't even calculate my due date as I patiently explained that I didn't ovulate until CD 26.

As for starting earlier....arg! Been there, wouldn't recommend it if you know you are a late ovulator! Nothing like starting too early to make sex a chore and a bore!

Jenna said...

Your RE can't just do the exam? As time went by and I became such a regular, they would do it for me because "they were already there" haha... nice people they were and I appreciated the help.


LJ said...

Ugh, I have to schedule my appointment.

I don't want to get on the scale.