Wednesday, September 12, 2007

finding the balance

This has always been my biggest struggle. Whether it was the work/party balance in college, the real job/social life balance, the income/having everything I want balance, the managing IF/letting it take over my life balance, and then yesterday the calories in/calories out balance.

In putting my IF obsession (or lack of balance on hold), I've moved onto another balancing act. In a perfect world weight loss would be easy. Hell, if we're going for a perfect world I'd have a toddler and be pregnant with #2 right now. And we'd have a nice single family home with a kitchen that has been remodeled at least once since 1978.

But I digress. The weight balance. I know how an actual balance works and I know that if I want to drop my added poundage, I need to tip that scale. So I go to the gym again yesterday (yeah me) and I plan on finishing the left over grilled chicken with some veggies for dinner. Perfect right??

Instead...a good friend of ours texts Mr H and says he's on a flight to DC for a conference. Do we want to meet for dinner. We've got our other friend from Philly still staying with us so we say great, how fun to have all these people together that we never get to see. We end up at Pizza P.aradiso in Georgetown. For some reason I think that is a healthy choice since it is fancy pizza and expensive beer. Umm....NO. Pizza and beer is pizza and beer. Doesn't matter what you call it or how much it costs. So I basically flushed yesterday's workout down the toilet. Gotta work on those balancing skills.

As an aside for the DC ladies, we should definitely think about the Pizza P.aradiso basement for a get together. I love it down there. It's cozy with a wood fire place. And they have some delicious root beers for those of us that are currently abstaining.


Fertilize Me said...

or on the flip side, you balanced it perfectly - you exerised then you ate! Any exercise shold be rewarderd and not made to feel null or voided!! I'm proud of you. Life is about simple pleasures . which also need balancing

Reproductive Jeans said...

Exercise can be balanced out with a treat--you just wont necessarily "loose" that weight for the day, but you probably wont gain. Im going through the SAME battle right now--I got on the scale this morning and saw the largest number I have ever seen...but oh how I love food....
Keep up the GREAT work=)

LJ said...

You exercised, and that's the important part. You can't live life in absence of good food. Just so long as there isn't a celebration that requires it every day :)