Tuesday, October 2, 2007

random factoid of the day

A woman just walked into my office, introduced herself and then said, "Did you know we share 50% of our DNA with....(she really did the dramatic pause) a banana?" And then walked out. Now when I worked in adult services with Asperger's I expected things like that. I did not expect it from an adult here, I think she is a substitute. In her defense I was eating a banana at the time but still, a little bizarre. I'm glad my office mate was here, I don't think anyone would have believed me. So...there you all go, everyone learned something new today!

Still picking up alot of pieces from yesterday's events. This poor family is a wreck. And then of course I'm behind on everything for the week since that is the only thing I did all day yesterday.

I'm in the "Must Have Chocolate NOW" phase of PMS. I've realized I don't really need to chart or use monitors, I can tell where I am in my cycle by the food cravings/mood swings. Isn't that pathetic? I've obviously been tracking my symptoms for WAY too long. Needless to say my banana, while satisfying some curiosity for the day, did nothing for the chocolate craving. I'm off on a mad hunt for something, anything with chocolate in it now.


Shelby said...

Yup! And it's probalby like 99% with a dog. Or was it 97%? Definitely one or the other- scary either way!

Fertilize Me said...

interesting ..things si learn from blogging ;)

Shelby said...

I need more coffee. I meant 75%. is it 4:30 yet? ;)