Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I need to start watching previews

I'm very anti-spoiler when it comes to tv shows. I never even watch the "next week on..." I like to be surprised and see how the story is supposed to come out. I NEVER watch any type of spoiler. I know, I'm one of the very few. So I was completely blindsided while watching B.rothers and Sisters while answering the door for all the trick-er-treaters. Nothing freaks out a parent more than a crazy lady in a pumpkin shirt with mascara running down her face holding a bowl of B.utterfingers in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other. We're now "that house". And like an idiot, I kept watching the entire show, knowing full well it was going to make me continue to cry.

And the red witch didn't come out for Halloween. I need to call my nurse tomorrow. Exactly 2 weeks ago my progesterone was 4.62 so I should have gotten my period by now. And yes, I did POAS and it was blinding white. I am so freakin ready to get on with this, it is all I think about and is SOOOO not healthy.

There's the door...I think it might be time to turn out all the lights and finish this candy off myself


Fertilize Me said...

oh you NEED HUGS!!!!I am hugging you from afar

Geohde said...

Dang it,

Sorry to hear about the mystery of the missing menses.


Sunny said...

I cried through the show the entire time.