Monday, October 1, 2007

So much for the gym

What a crappy day at work. One of the parents of one of our tougher students (I work with students with a.utism) said he was thinking of killing his son, his wife, and himself. And he expressed his plan...which as those of you in mental health know, that puts it up a few levels. So I spent my day talking to Child P.rotective Services and the police. I am just spent. This poor family is just a mess, it is so so sad. I managed to not cry about it all day until the father was placed under a suicide watch by the police, handcuffed, and brought to the hospital for a psych eval. He's a good guy who just really really needs help and I'm glad he told us everything he did. I just hope this gets the family the help they so desperately need.

So by the time I left work it was too late to go to the gym and I just needed to be home. Of course, once home, I had to open a bottle of wine. And once it was open, it only made since to finish it. Wine and frozen about gourmet.

Heading to bed soon, Tomorrow has to be a better day.


LJ said...

Tomorrow will absolutely be a better day. I saw it on the news. They promised.

Fertilize Me said...

Yes, Tomorrow will be a better day

JJ said...

Im so sorry for your tough day--what a challenge that must have been.
Hope today is better...and glad you had some wine to ease the mental anguish!