Friday, October 19, 2007

real quick question

Got my actual progesterone levels this morning, 4.6. Now everything I've ever read and found on G.oogle is that over 5 indicates O but that they want over 10. My nurse told me that anything over a 2 indicates O.

What is everyone's experience? Should I push to take the Pr.overa? I'm just so bad at the sitting part, I need to feel like I'm doing something.

thanks in advance if you've got any ideas or suggestions. Assvice is welcome too ;)


Lea Bee said...

i've got no relevant a$$vice, but i'm glad you ovulated :).

Fertilize Me said...

OH progesterone .... and numbers and all that kind of BS - I'm full of it ..Yes BS .. Hahaha and progesterone knowledge .. ok seriously from all my yammering on my experience of the P4. anything under 5 is considered anovulatory. (i have experienced Many of these cycles)..On medicated cycles, dr's should see it range from 15-90. Here are websites i like to use:

i have alot more useless knowledge on this subject but will not bore you- if you have any questions or need more clarifications , please email me

infertility just sucks said...

The first time I had a progesterone test the nurse actually called me and said "Oh, it's so low there is NO WAY you ovulated."

I didn't know if I should feel good or bad after that one.

In the case of conflicting medical advice I always go with what my clinic says. You may want to call and get them to confirm just to set your mind at ease but they are the experts. (Not me, or the internet, as I like to think.)

Happy Friday!

Geohde said...

It depends on your units, to some degree, i.e. ng/ml or nmol/L, but that aside, over 5 is ovulatory for most labs.

Clearly, if you've ovulated, the Provera wont make you menstruate any sooner since the corpus luteum is programmed to last about 14 days.

If you're suspicious of the P4 result, I guess the logical thing to do is wait until it's 12 days+ from the P4 result, and if no sign of AF, take the provera on the assumption that you didn't ovulate after all.