Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some people will never get it

Let me start by saying that so far I've had no complaints about anyone at my clinic. I know alot of people who say they've felt like a number there but my nurse has been great and my dr emails me back within hours of my asking him a question. My nurse doesn't work on Thursdays so I had a different one. And just to recap, I'm on CD 47, no spotting or anything and I'm ready to start this IUI. So I had a blood test this morning to make sure I could take P.rovera

This is the message the nurse left on my voicemail today. I was floored by it...but maybe I'm super sensitive.
" Good news and bad news Meghan. Bad news is you can't take the P.rovera..."

Now what would you be thinking?? I'm thinking "Holy crap, we actually did it! How should I tell Mr H?...Oh my f-ing God, we actually did it! Holy shit!!!"

Next words out of the nurses mouth...

" Good news now! Seems like you ovulated, you should expect your period within the next 2 weeks, since your progesterone is really low"

Now isn't that just cruel?? And may I also mention that this nurse is pregnant? So now I'm back to sitting and waiting. I suck at sitting and waiting.


Fertilize Me said...

OH WOW ............ REALLY ...... I bet she got off the phone and slapped her forehead

Geohde said...

That is too cruel.

I thought you had good news of the best sort for a moment there, too.


infertility just sucks said...

I'll bet you got a shot of adrenaline from that one.

Some people are really bad at phone messages. Maybe she's one of them?

Unfortunate choice of words either way. So sorry Meghan.

In and Out of Luck said...

That is a very bad choice of words. I am sorry she told you that way.

dmarie said...

Umm...yeah, she could've done better with that one. No idea what she was thinking--or wasn't thinking??

Shelby said...

Wow, someone sure needs some sensitivity training! Horrible choice of words.

JJ said...

Oh damn...Im sorry--that is cruel!