Monday, August 6, 2007

Home sweet home

Four days with a bunch of 2 year olds. That's almost enough to make me question going through all this!

We had a good weekend with all the in-laws. I was in a good mood since the HSG went well. And of course, my niece is just about the cutest, sweetest little girl I've ever met. I even managed to not be too jealous of my 6 months pregnant sister in law. That green eyed monster only got to me a few times and lucky for me, my wonderful hubby noticed and was able to distract me.

After a LONG trip home (we thought we'd beat traffic by taking today off and driving home but apparently everyone else had that same thought), I'm very excited to be back home. Crazy how 4 days is enough to make you miss your routine. Now I'm off to go snuggle kitty ;) He's even more excited that we're home!! Nothing like coming home to a pet ;)

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