Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ah, the irony

I can not believe how tired I've been this week. Last week I gave a 4 day training and this week I'm doing another 5 day training. Not only does it wipe me out but the sound of my own voice is killing me at this point!

And whenever I'm doing these trainings I procrastinate like nobodies business. For some reason, I just can't get myself to do the rest of my work. It's horrible. I've been sitting on this article I'm writing for Washington P.arent magazine but every time I go to work on it I get so stuck on the irony of it all....an infertile writing an article for a freakin parenting magazine...give me a break!! Even thought it's a professional article, I feel like I have no business being in the magazine. Like I'm completely not credible. And I better be flipping pregnant by the time the article gets published because it will KILL me to have to see myself in there. I'm sure it'll be right next to some cute little baby ads or something like that.

Enough of my little tired. I'm trying to work out some of the kinks for my Song of the Week idea, trying to find some of the songs online so I can post links to them. Hopefully I'll get it worked out tonight.


Fertilize Me said...

"singin the alanis Morrisette song"

Sunny said...

Man that truly SUCKS!