Sunday, August 26, 2007


We decided to beat the heat and thunderstorms last night and go out on a real date to the movies. I can't remember the last time we actually had a 'date night'. I picked the newest B.ourne movie. Figured it would be something I wouldn't have to think about and would be some good escapism. Turns out every other woman to walk into the theater was obviously pregnant. It's like I was surrounded!! And I know it wasn't just me because Mr H even mentioned it...and he is largely oblivious to things like that. I was even lucky enough to have someone who had to be 40+ weeks sit next to me. She was rubbing her stomach and wincing at pretty regular intervals and it would have just been fantastic if I could have birthed that baby right there in the theater for her!

Hope you all don't drown in the sarcasm that is dripping off each word. I having a down day yesterday and my movie trip did not help. At least the movie was good, a few completely impossible to believe scenes but entertaining. Off to a jewelry party this afternoon (think tupperware party but with fun jewelry!). Nothing like shopping to fix a funk!


LJ said...

Retail therapy rules. Got two new bras last night, the girls are much happier and it at least distracted me for a bit.

Fertilize Me said...

but but but Isn't Matt Da.mon absolutely DReamy!!!

Heather said...

isn't that the worst? when you go to do something to "escape" for a few minutes and instead it traps you with the thing you most wanted to avoid. I swear pregnant women come out of the woodwork when I least need to see one. I'm sorry.