Monday, August 13, 2007

Where did the weekend go?

Anyone else think we should switch to a 4 day work week??

This weekend was a blur. I had an all day bachlorette party Saturday. We started with margaritas at a friend's pool around 1 and ended up at the waterfront for dinner, etc. It was my first time at C.antina Marina. I loved the place (it was so not DC) but was so surprised that it isn't a Mexican restaurant. The 'i' in both words is a freakin' margarita glass people!! Wouldn't you think Mexican?? So I was a little disappointed in the food just because I really wanted Mexican. The day itself was fun but I was exhausted! And then Sunday just got wasted away sleeping in and running errands. This morning came WAAAYYY too fast.

I've started an email to my RE with a list of questions for this cycle, some specific, some more general. I always forget to ask everything I want to at the appt. I'll probably sit on it a few days to see if anything else comes to mind before sending it. I hope this turns out to be a good way to communicate with him.


LJ said...

What kind of food was it, I am shocked it wasn't mexican!

Diana said...

Making a list of questions is a great idea. I did that with my RE at the beginning and it was so helpful. I walked away feeling very comfortable whereas I am sure I would have forgotten questions without that list! Good luck!!

Meghan said...

LJ--the menu has a little bit of everything, burgers, bbq chicken, linguini, and a shrimp taco (that I of course had to get ;)