Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day 2

So here's my struggle, and I think it is going to be what I struggle over the most about this blog.

I'd like to keep this upbeat and positive because that's generally how I am and even more importantly, it is how I want to be. But sometimes (like the last 2 days) so much crap is going on that I just can't do it.

Which leads me to my current I make the 2nd post of this blog bitter and angry since that is how I'm feeling right now or do I smile through it and know that I'll come out the other side? I feel as if this could set the tone for awhile to come.

Looks like I won't have time to decide since my cell is ringing and it's probably the RE office saying they can't help me schedule my HSG and I'm going to have to sit out yet another month (see that bitterness sneaking out)


Trish said...

I think- be honest. Some days I'm bitter. Some weeks I'm sad. Some months I'm exhausted. We've all been there. We understand.

Fertilize Me said...

new here - but i say Let it all out!! bitter, happy, sad, crappy, excited, hopeful ...whatever it maybe! Let this be very therapeutic and helpful to you - get the most out of it!!! Welcome - can't wait ti get to know you