Monday, August 27, 2007

Tech support please

Calling all techies!! (and honestly just about everyone has more tech knowledge than me)

I know there has got to be an easier way to manage this blog and keep up with all of you wonderful ladies that I now check on a few times a day. I think I heard something once about Google reader? Please, tell me ideas on how to keep up with your blog?

Also, how do I get my little O.prah to be a cool link and not be all pixel-y? I just cut and pasted the pic from someone else's blog but it isn't a clickable link and just doesn't look good.

And then how do I get all those other fun things like counters or seeing what g.oogle brings to you or anything else fun that I might not even know about yet?

thanks ladies!!


Fertilize Me said...

ok goo check out to keep up with all the blogs, you can use for the blog counter

as for O- i dunno - got me there

Shelby said... is great. That's what I use. You can categorize blogs (I read knitting and IF blogs), add them easily, and see their history without leaving the site. It's very easy.

LJ said...

I use google reader and sitemeter for my blogroll and stats, respectively. I also use feedburner for when folks subscribe to my blog in a reader, it shows me how many subscribers I have - I'm a geek. Email me if you want me to walk you through it all :)

Sunny said...

Google/reader ROCKS!

sitemeter is good.

Go to someone's Oprah link and right click and save. Upload it into blogger in an empty post. Highlight and click the link button and add the link you want. Go to the html tab option and copy the code. Now go the your template part of blogger it to the sidebar.

K that didn't make any sense I am sure. I am SO TIRED! Email if you have any questions. :)