Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Arg!!! I wondered what I was going to blog about once we decided not to start IF treatments until Oct...turns out I've got plenty of other things that annoy me!

I just had to move offices at work. Actually, somehow my promotion meant that I now had to share an office, when for the last 3 years I've had my own...not thrilled about that. For some crazy reason I had to change my phone extension. Here's how I found out about this change. I went into my old office this morning, saw that the v-mail light was on, but my password didn't work. I walk to my new office, check out the doesn't even have my new extension on it. So I've got messages, plus all my saved messages, locked in one phone that they've cut me off from, but they haven't told me what my new one is. A few feisty emails later, I get a call from our business manager who says she ordered it yesterday because it had to get done and she just hasn't gotten around to telling me! WHAT!! How is someone supposed to work like that? I had no way of telling anyone in the outside world how to reach me. So freaking annoying. I love the people I work directly with but our business office drives me freaking crazy!!

Anyway, I can not believe I left someone off my crushmore list. This is a tie for #3 (and it gets pretty embarrassing here). I've been watching G.eneral Hospital since I was 3 years old (I asked to stay home from pre-school to watch Luke and Laura's wedding) so I need Sonny and Jason on my mountain. It really is a need people. Trust me, I'm not proud right now


LJ said...

Okay, that's really frustrating.

I'd have angry clients if I couldn't know that they called.

MeAndBaby said...

I deal with nonsense like that at my job all the time. And to have to share an office after a promotion? Makes no sense.

Here for Bingo, enjoying catching up on your story. Congrats on your bundle of joy - and on IUI#2! Terrific!