Thursday, November 8, 2007

Got to admit it's getting better

a little better all the time
(can't get much worse)

Anywho, thanks for all of your support in coming out about our IF. Don't give me too much credit, it was to a very select group of people. And so far so good. Only one off the wall but well meaning response...but she's kind of crazy anyway. One very weird story that started out with someone writing "my childhood neighbor's cousin". As if that isn't a red flag right there. Apparently this girl was told by an RE that she would never get pregnant without fertility meds but then got pregnant accidentally while on the pill while on vacation! Yes, you speed readers read that correctly....while on the pill. Now I don't know about you, but I'm NEVER using any type of birth control ever again. Why....because I'm freakin infertile!!! After that I stopped reading that particular story. I mean maybe they wanted her to have regular periods or something but the while thing seemed a little fishy to me. Obviously she was a little confused. My aunt did ask if she could tell my 14 year old cousin. Seems to me like she's opening a whole can of worms talking to a 14 year old boy about fertility treatments but hey, not my kid. Still not sure how I feel about that one. I'll have to think about it.

oh...and here's why it's getting better. I came home from work today and Mr H had booked us a weekend at a B&B. There are a bunch of wineries around it and some hiking. He had printed out all of this info on it and made reservations at a yummy looking restaurant. I am so excited for a weekend away. And we have to rush back Sunday for the Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce concert that night! (that would be Bru.ce Springsteen) It's going to such a great weekend! Too bad I can't take tomorrow off but I'll make it through. Hopefully all these good things will minimize the C.lomid side effects. Are all of you veterans laughing your asses off at that one???


Jen said...

Everyone has a weird story. I myself know people who got pregnant right after adopting. They were weird themselves though. I always wonder how many of these "my childhood neighbor's cousin" stories are about the same people. You know, you'll hear all these stories about situations that are incredibly unlikely. I always wonder how many of them are the same unlikely story with details messed up. So, maybe it doesn't happen to that many people!

Your weekend sounds great. I am jealous. I am going to go use my 25% off coupon at Michaels on Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. It doesn't seem as good as a B&B though.

Fertilize Me said...

GO mr H- I think he deserves bonus points for this round!

Geohde said...

Any story that devolves into the friend of a friend of a friend's mother's cousin's dog's whatever is suspect.

Having said that, I do have the pleasure to work with the stereotypical 'had the drugs for IVF and then got knocked up' woman.

All my workmates still hold her up as the shining example of how I could just get pregnant on my own. Please!


MLO said...

Try being in the situation where your husband was born from a one-night stand with his mother (a nurse) taking BCPs and a condom being used. Thankfully, my in-laws have been pretty good thus far, probably because there are others in their family who have had issues.

I'm all for telling the 14 year old boy. Too many men make women wait and wait thinking that women have as much time as men. Fertility treatments have a better chance of working the younger you are when you start treatment. Maybe making one more young man aware of the issues will spare a couple in the future.



Shelby said...

Annoying how everyone always knows someone who has had to go through IF. It's so sad knowing how many people have to experience this. Yet it's comforting ot know we're not alone. Yet sad to have others' experiences thrown in our faces, like ours don't matter. Ok...I clearly need coffee.

What a sweet husband to arrange a get-away for you! I hope you have a really great time!

LJ said...

How sweet!!! I hope the B&B was wonderful - you've definitely earned it.