Monday, November 19, 2007

wow--100 posts!

I was trying to plan something fun and exciting for my 100th post. Maybe because I'm in a school and all the classrooms count the days and have big parties for the 100th day of school. But somehow counting out 100 pennies or cheerios just doesn't translate on the internet!

I was thinking about it last night and I am just so glad that I decided to start blogging. You all are an AMAZING support network that I am so lucky to have. So really, I should be sending out 100 thank yous to everybody.

Now back to business! Had my bloodwork and scan this morning. Sucky part is that my insurance only covers 2 per IUI cycle so this one is going to be out of pocket. But leftie took the hint and grew. It's big enough to trigger. Rightie didn't do a thing, still weighed in at just under 13. In my disappointment over rightie, I don't remember how big leftie is. I'll ask when my nurse calls back later.

So we'll trigger tonight and the IUI will be Wednesday at 10:30. Excited and nervous. It was my dr doing the ultrasound and while he reminded me that it only takes 1, he did say that he wanted to be much more aggressive next cycle and that I did not seem to respond to well to the C.lomid. So I'm glad that we're going to develop a better plan B. Not that I'm planning on this not working...just trying to find that balance between hoping for the best and bracing for the worst.


Fertilize Me said...

YAH for leftie ... I think my leftie was the good one.. my righty is a slackass. Good luck triggering and Yah for an aggressive dr that you are feeling good about. Cheer's to this IUI on Wednesday..Happy 100th!

Jen said...

Happy 100th! I'll watch you count out 100 cheerios.

Good luck with the trigger.

Lea Bee said...

happy 100th! i'll be thinking of you weds morning. how much clomid were you taking, if you don't mind my asking? i can generally tell if it might work by the hotflashes. more flashes = better (..sort of)

Heather said...

Congrats on 100!!

I didn't do well on clomid alone either, but once we added the dexamethasone I had a much better reaction...just a thought.

Geohde said...

Hopefully you have the little follicle that could :)

Here's to 100 more *pregnancy* related posts, soon,



Barb said...

Thanks for the kind Grandfather thoughts. It's nice to have people understand.

GL with the IUI!

Debby said...

Crossing your fingers that your Leftie thrives and sucks in those spermies as my Lefty did. Good luck!!

Karen said...

good luck!!! yay for leftie!